There are many ways to play ALttP:Randomizer!



This mode is closest to the original game. You will start in Link's bed, get a weapon from Uncle (depending on your Swords option, see below), and rescue Zelda before continuing with the rest of the game.


This mode starts with the option to start in your house or the sanctuary, and you are free to explore. There are a few point to note in this mode:

  • Uncle is already in the sewers and has an item.
  • Dark rooms don't get a free light cone, not even the sewers.



All sword upgrades are randomized. You won't start with a sword, and it might be a while before you find one. Bombs are a great early weapon, as are bushes and signs! Use whatever items you find to defend yourself.

If this option is combined with Standard Mode (see above), your uncle will graciously give you one of the following items to ensure you can complete the escape sequence:

  • Sword Upgrade (yes, it's still possible)
  • Hammer
  • Bow + Full Arrow Refill
  • Full Bomb Refill
  • Fire Rod + Full Magic Refill
  • Cane of Somaria + Full Magic Refill
  • Cane of Byrna + Full Magic Refill

Uncle Assured

Uncle always has a sword. The remaining upgrades are randomized.


All swords are removed from the game. Because the game expects you to have a sword, the following changes are present only in swordless mode:

  • Swords have been replaced with four copies of 20 rupees (a green rupee sprite with "20" on it).
  • The curtains blocking progress in Agahnim's Tower are pre-opened, as are the vines in Skull Woods.
  • Medallions can only be used to open Misery Mire or Turtle Rock, or to progress through Ice Palace. Normally, they require a sword to use.
  • Ganon now takes damage from the hammer.
  • Silver arrows are available in all difficulties.
  • Ether and Bombos tablets require the Hammer and Book of Mudora.


No Glitches

This mode requires no advanced knowledge of the game. It's designed as if you were playing the original game for the first time.

Under this mode, you're prevented from getting stuck anywhere, regardless of how you use small keys within dungeons.

You may be required to save and quit in certain situations, like getting back to the light world when you're in the dark world without the mirror.

Overworld Glitches

This mode requires some of the easier-to-execute overworld glitches. It's more difficult than simply using fake flippers to visit the hobo! The two types of major glitches are required:

  • Overworld boots clipping
  • Mirror clipping (DMD, TR Middle Clip, and Fluteless Mire)

Most minor gitches are also accounted for:

  • Fake Flippers (allows access to Ice Palace, King Zora, Lake Hylia Heart Piece, and Hobo without Flippers.)
  • Dungeon Bunny Revival (allows access to Ice Palace without the Moon Pearl.)
  • Overworld Bunny Revival (allows access to Misery Mire and Misery Mire shed without the Moon Pearl and without doing DMD.)
  • Super Bunny (allows access to two chests in Dark World Death Mountain without the Moon Pearl.)
  • Surfing Bunny (allows access to Lake Hylia Heart Piece without the Moon Pearl.)
  • Walk on Water (allows access to Zora's Domain Ledge Heart Piece without the Flippers.)

The following are NOT accounted for by the logic, so you'll never be forced to do any:

  • Bootless Clips
  • Mirror Screenwraps
  • Overworld YBAs
  • Underworld Clips
  • Dark Room Navigation
  • Hovering

Major Glitches

This mode accounts for everything besides EG and semi-EG. This mode is extremely difficult and requires advanced knowledge of major glitches, including:

  • Overworld YBA
  • Clipping out of bounds
  • Screenwraps

Some additional changes have been made in order to ensure that the game functions correctly under this logic:

  • The fake dark world is no longer patched out. Crystals always drop, irrespective of pendant conflicts.
  • Swamp Palace water levels do not drain when you exit the overworld screen, except for the first room.
  • You will always save and quit to the Pyramid after defeating Agahnim when in the Dark World.


Defeat Ganon

Just like the vanilla game, your goal will be to collect all seven crystals, fight your way through Ganon's Tower, and defeat Ganon.

All Dungeons

You'll need to defeat all of Hyrule's dungeon bosses, including both incarnations of Agahnim. Only once they're defeated will you be able to face Ganon.

Master Sword Pedestal

Collect the Pendants of Courage, Wisdom, and Power, and pull the Triforce from the Pedestal! Beware, you may have to venture all over Hyrule, including Ganon's Tower, in order to complete your quest.

Triforce Pieces

The Triforce has been shattered and scattered into 30 pieces throughout Hyrule! Collect 20 pieces to win!



This mode is recommended for newer players. Easy makes travelling through Hyrule a little safer.

Finding the second ½ Magic will upgrade you to ¼ Magic.

While in Standard Mode, if Uncle has the Bow, Bombs, Fire Rod, Cane of Somaria, or Cane of Byrna, Link will be granted unlimited ammo for that item for the duration of the escape sequence.

See the Difficulty Comparison table below for full details.


In this mode you'll find all the items from the original game.

Item Pool:

  • 6x Arrow Upgrade (+5)
  • 1x Arrow Upgrade (+10)
  • 10x Big Key
  • 1x Blue Mail
  • 6x Bomb Upgrade (+5)
  • 1x Bomb Upgrade (+10)
  • 1x Bombos
  • 1x Book Of Mudora
  • 1x Boomerang
  • 4x Bottle (filled with assorted things)
  • 1x Bow
  • 1x Bug Catching Net
  • 1x Cane Of Byrna
  • 1x Cane Of Somaria
  • 11x Compass
  • 12x Dungeon Map
  • 1x Ether
  • 1x Fighters Shield
  • 1x Fighters Sword
  • 1x Fire Rod
  • 1x Fire Shield
  • 1x Flippers
  • 1x Flute
  • 1x Golden Sword
  • 1x ½ Magic
  • 1x Hammer
  • 11x Heart Container
  • 1x Hookshot
  • 1x Ice Rod
  • 28x Small Key
  • 1x Lamp
  • 1x Magic Cape
  • 1x Magic Mirror
  • 1x Magic Powder
  • 1x Magical Boomerang
  • 1x Master Sword
  • 1x Mirror Shield
  • 1x Moon Pearl
  • 1x Mushroom
  • 1x Pegasus Boots
  • 24x Piece Of Heart
  • 1x Power Glove
  • 1x Quake
  • 1x Red Mail
  • 1x Shovel
  • 1x Silver Arrows Upgrade
  • 1x Tempered Sword
  • 1x Titans Mitt
  • 5x Ten Arrows
  • 1x Single Arrow
  • 1x Ten Bombs
  • 9x Three Bombs
  • 5x Three Hundred Rupees
  • 1x One Hundred Rupees
  • 7x Fifty Rupees
  • 28x Twenty Rupees
  • 4x Five Rupees
  • 2x One Rupee

Hard, Expert, and Insane

Looking for a challenge? These advanced difficulties adjust the game even further to test your skills! Check out the comparison below for details.

Difficulty Comparison

Easy Normal Hard Expert Insane
Maximum Health 20 20 14 9 3
Heart Containers 11 11 6 1 0
Heart Pieces 24 24 20 20 0
Maximum Mail Red Red Blue Green Green
# in Pool 4 2 1 0 0
Maximum Sword Gold Gold Tempered Master Master
# in Pool 8 4 4 4 4
Maximum Shield Mirror Mirror Fire Fighter's None
# in Pool 6 3 3 3 0
Shields Purchasable? Yes Yes No No No
Maximum Magic Capacity Quarter Half Normal Normal Normal
# in Pool 2 1 0 0 0
# of Silver Arrows 2 1 1 1 0
# of Silver Arrows (Swordless) 2 1 1 1 1
# of Bottles 8 4 4 4 4
# of Lamps 3 1 1 1 1
Potion Magic Refill 100% 100% 50% 25% 0%
Potion Hearts Refill 20 20 7 1 0
Bug Net Catches Faeries? Yes Yes No No No
Magic Powder on Bubbles? Faerie Faerie Heart Heart Bees
Cape Magic Consumption Rate Normal Normal 2x 3x 4x
Byrna Grants Invincibility? Yes Yes No No No
Boomerangs Stun Enemies? Yes Yes No No No
Hookshot Stuns Enemies? Yes Yes Yes No No
Arrow / Bomb Capacity Upgrades 7 7 0 0 0
Enemy Drop Rates 100% 50% 50% 25% 25%


Seed is a number used to randomize the game. Most users will simply leave this option blank, and the site will fill it in automatically.



The closest option to the vanilla game.

Timed Race

The timer counts up from 0, with the goal being to finish the game with the best time on the timer. There are items throughout the world that will affect your timer, so finishing first doesn't necessarily mean you're the winner.

Do you spend time looking for a clock to get your timer down, or do you race to the end?

The following items have been added to the item pool:

  • 20 Green Clocks that subtract 4 minutes from the timer
  • 10 Blue Clocks that subtract 2 minutes from the timer
  • 10 Red Clocks that add 2 minutes to the timer

Timed OHKO (One Hit Knockout)

In this mode you start with time on the timer, and found green clocks add time to the timer.

If your timer reaches zero, you'll enter One Hit Knockout mode, where anything will kill you.

Don't despair, though. If you are in OHKO mode and find another clock, you'll exit OHKO mode and get time on your clock, no matter how long you've been in OHKO mode.

Difficulty Starting Time Green Clocks (+4 minutes) Red Clocks (instant OHKO)
Easy 20 minutes 30 0
Normal 10 minutes 25 0
Hard 7.5 minutes 20 1
Expert 5 minutes 15 3
Insane 0 minutes 10 5

OHKO (One Hit Knockout)

Take any damage, and Link is a goner. Not for the faint of heart.

Triforce Piece Hunt

Unfortunately, variations are incompatible with Triforce Pieces goal. This option changes your goal to Triforce Pieces.


Game not random enough for you? Looking for the real challenge?


All Maps, Compasses, and Keys found in chests are no longer tied to their dungeons!

You will have to search high and low to find the keys you need to progress in dungeons. Keys found on enemies or under pots will remain the same.

Also, Maps and Compasses worth more: Your overworld map won't show any dungeon information until you collect the map for that dungeon (and if you thought the music would get you by, think again, that's been randomized). Compasses, well, those will show you how many chests you have checked in a dungeon after you collect it.

You're probably wondering how you know which key / map / compass you found. We've got you covered: There will be a text box that lets you know which dungeon it belongs to. The menu will also have a table to help you if you lose track.

Maps and Compasses are required by the logic to complete their respective dungeons.


A callback to the first entry in the Legend of Zelda series, Retro Mode links us even closer to the past.

Rupee Bow
  • The Bow no longer uses arrows for ammo. Instead it uses rupees! Each Wooden Arrow costs 10 rupees to fire while each Silver Arrow costs 50 rupees.
  • Wooden Arrows are now independent of the Bow, just like Silver Arrows; you must acquire both the Bow and either Wooden Arrows or Silver Arrows in order to use the Bow.
  • The Wooden Arrows are now an item to be acquired, and must be bought, once, from a shop. They are NOT available in regular chests or anywhere outside of shops.
  • If you find Silver Arrows without buying Wooden Arrows, you will only be able to fire Silver Arrows.
Overworld Shops

Five shops out of a possible nine will be randomly chosen when the ROM is generated to have new stock. This does NOT include the Big Bomb Shop or the Witch's Potion Shop. The Wooden Arrow item will be available for 80 rupees, and Small Keys will be available for 100 rupees each. Small Keys will be able to be purchased multiple times.

Small Keys

Small Keys are no longer dungeon-specific. They are now shuffled into the general item pool and will be found outside of dungeons. Keys under pots or dropped by enemies have not been changed.

Ten keys have been removed from the item pool in Easy and Normal modes; fifteen have been removed from Hard, Expert, and Insane modes. Think carefully before using keys, and remember you can purchase some if you get stuck!

Big Keys, Maps, and Compasses remain dungeon-specific and have not been randomized outside their dungeons.

Take-Any Caves

Four random single-entrace caves and houses which do not lead to an item location now lead to Take-Any Caves where players are given a choice between a Heart Container or Blue Potion refill. The Heart Containers have not been moved from the general item pool and bonus ones. However, you will not be able to have more than 20 hearts at once.

One random single-entrace cave will contain a mysterious yet familiar old man with a sword upgrade. This sword upgrade takes the place of one in the item pool.